January 2020

Like most wooden boat enthusiasts, I’m always drawn to the look and sounds of these timeless pieces of art on water. This enthusiasm somehow led to me and wife becoming the new President and Secretary of the Rocky Mountain Classics boat club.

I was very fortunate to have grown up around wooden boats as small kid restoring these beauties with my father who also had a fondness for these classics. I remember after many days if not months of sanding, varnishing, painting the most anticipated day of any person who has restored a boat finally arrived, the day you launch the boat and take that first spin around the lake, there’s no feeling like it. So now I fast forward to the Grand Lake Boat show and how my wife and I ended up the 2019 President and Secretary.

As I mentioned before there’s a distinctive sound these boats make, and I heard that sound and told my wife there were wooden boats in the area and we needed to find them, we ended up at the Grand Lake docks and as my wife would say I was in heaven. We walked around docks and found out that there was a Boat Show on Saturday, the rest is history. On Saturday my wife and I promptly showed up at 9:00am and to our surprise what we had hoped would be were several boats for sale, at that point it was just which one would end up as ours. When Tracy and I first got married I told her someday we’ll have a wooden boat, she laughed, well within a few hours of arriving at the docks we fulfilled that promise.

We spent time looking at several boats but kept looking afar at a beautiful 1955 Century Coronado, but thought it would be out of our budget, Tracy was the one that kept looking at it and said “let’s at least look at it.” Enough said and a short walk over to it and it was done. We ask who owned the boat and was directed to Wayne, Wayne offered to take us for a ride, I knew the trick to getting Tracy excited was to have her drive the boat first, she’d never driven a wooden boat before. As Wayne and I remember it, we weren’t more than half way around the lake Tracy looked back at us with a huge smile on her face, it was done, the boat known to many as Pegasus was ours. This was the beginning of a new adventure and relationship with a boat and the members of The Rocky Mountain Classic Boat Club.

Fast forward to this year’s Grand Lake Boat show, we showed up with the 1955 Century Coronado and a 1946 Gar Wood, one boat is never enough, one must have at least two or more. Within a few hours we were asked to be nominated to the new positions and we were excited to accept the nomination. It happened that fast, the members were more than welcoming, and we were ready to help the club in any way we could.

With the story told, I’d like to quickly tell you about my plans for the 2019 year ahead. First a thank you to our last president Jeff Wright and the other outgoing officers, they have served us well and we thank you for your work in advancing the club. I look forward to working with the new officers and directors in bringing my enthusiasm to the club as a new member and President. With any club sustaining membership and attaining new members it is sometimes difficult and time consuming when the emphasis of the club is focused on a specific type of Classic vehicle or boat. Ours being Classics boats presents an even greater challenge being that the boats we all love can be either older classic fiberglass boats or even the classic wooden boats. Both present some challenges in getting folks to venture into owning or overcoming the fear of maintaining them. This is were I feel the vast knowledge and experience of the membership comes into play, I’d like to tap into this and use it to help bring new members both young and old into this passion we all love so dearly. To do this I’m committed to several actions that I’d like to try, first reach out to existing members of the Rocky Mountain Classic Chapter and engage them in becoming more active at our events. Second, use the ABCS directory to reach out to boat owners in our region and encourage them to join and become active. Third, use events like the Boat Show in Denver and even car shows to off our boats and bring attention to them and the club. Fourth, with the wealth of boat restoration and boating knowledge and experience I’d like to plan several classes around boat maintenance and for the ladies, trailering and launching to save several marriages. Lastly but not least maybe the most important is to us social media as much as possible to reach out to younger potential boat owners and clubs.

With renewing our club’s logo another way to show our pride and advertise the club will be to make available a ship’s store with a new clothing items such as shirts, coats, caps and other items as we see fit to have for the club.

I look forward to an exciting term as your new president to advance our passion and exposure to these beautiful classic boats.

Smooth Waters,
Roger Miller
President, Rocky Mountain Classics