The Rocky Mountain Classics is a local chapter of the national Antique Classic Boat Society.  Annual membership is $75 ($50 goes to ACBS, and $25 returns here to the Rocky Mountain Classics Chapter).

To join, click on the Join ACBS link. Memberships run annually for 12 months, beginning with the month that you joined.

There are many perks to membership in the ACBS:

  • Annual Membership Directory. You will be listed in the ACBS annual membership directory, a veritable “Who’s Who” of the antique and classic boating world. Want to find someone with a boat just like yours? This is the place to look. It’s filled with names of people who have the same interests as you.
  • The ACBS Rudder. Published four times a year, this is the official magazine of The Antique & Classic Boat Society.  It is packed with information every boater needs to know – from the calendar of boating events to articles on wooden boat restoration.  You can list boats and other marine items for sale – for free!
  • The ACBS Web Site. Check it out at It’s packed with information and links to other boating resources
  • The Bilge Pump. This is the official newsletter of the Rocky Mountain Classics Chapter. It’s packed with pictures and information on club events, interesting articles, and a Classifieds section.
  • The Rocky Mountain Classics Web Site. If you’re reading this, you’re there!  And you know how sweet it is.
  • Marine Insurance at a discount. Under the terms of a unique agreement between ACBS and Hagerty Classic Marine Insurance, Inc. ACBS members are eligible for a 10% premium discount on boats insured through Hagerty. The discount is distinct from all other discounts or surcharges that may apply.

So, check out our Events Calendar and come join us. We’d love to meet you, share our enthusiasm for Antique & Classic Boats and enjoy the beautiful waters within the Rocky Mountain Classics Chapter region.